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Maize Milling Plant
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Factory Price 30TPD Maize Milling Machine

Factory Price 30TPD Maize Milling Machine

Basic Details: Corn processing equipment can produce different size of low fat maize


Basic Details

Complete maize milling machine include four part
1.Cleaning section.
Use magnet separator removing the metal from the raw material.
Virbtating Screen used for separating the impurities.
Destoner-machine used for separating the stone.
2.Peeling section
Use the maize peeling machine separate the shell from the maize
Germ extractor use extracting the germ.
3.Milling section.
Use the Flour mill milling maize.
4.Packing section
Packing the final product

maize line8

30t maize flow chart

Packing & Shipping


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